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Not another yoga blog!

This is not another yoga marketing blog seducing you with photo-shopped ideals of spiritual/bodily perfection.


The proliferation of social marketing hype, wisdom memes, yoga fashion models, neo-liberal individualism in the guise of spiritual wisdom… the whole spiritual-industrial complex needs to be critiqued & resisted. So I can no longer stay silent. I feel compelled to advocate for the values that underpin & radiate from my yoga practice!



As a queer, feminist yoga practitioner with an invisible chronic illness & 20+ years of practice, training, teaching, writing & research… I have so many things to share, I don't quite know where to begin!!!


But I do know that I feel an urgency to engage in the online yoga space, not only to articulate my practice, but also to voice my resistance to the ubiquity of yoga consumerism. Consumer culture is not my idea of yoga culture or a yoga lifestyle but they have become so entwined that they desperately need picking apart.


This blog is a space to begin unpicking & connecting with others who share my values. I hope to build a meaningful community of peers, students & allies.


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